When you are buying a car, purchase is just the initial expense for it. So, my friend, selecting the best option car is the best part to save huge bucks later.

Depreciation is a factor that washes away all your investment in the car. Compared to depreciation, fuel, insurance or maintenance cost is nothing. It is always advisable to go with reputed brands as it pays real good amount on resale. From the moment car is taken out from the dealer’s door and skid pan driving depreciation starts counting. The right label car is the first best thing selected for self.

It is not that the luxury brands are only holding good resale value. Subaru, Toyota and Mazda are also holding market value. Though initially you have to pay a bit extra.

What counts for good resale is not just the luxury badge, but something extra compared to normal other hatchbacks.

Toyota itself has a great designed resale plan. Mazda is having the best market suitable products as of now. The best thing is the popular cars, among the people are equally popular in the resale market too.

Subaru has also changed its reputation among people positively. Forester has become a hierarchical car as people prefer to pass it down to their family. This Driving parramatta Suburb reputation has maintained its value in the market and everyone wants one such car for families to come.

There is no comparison with the prestigious brands such as Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Benz and Range Rover. Special vehicles from Holden also hold equal repute in the market.

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Brands of car with the most beneficial resale value after three years and a drive of 60,000km

1. Mercedes-Benz – 53 per cent

2. Mini Cooper- 54 per cent

3. Mazda – 54 per cent

4. Jeep – 54 per cent

5. Audi – 54 per cent

6. Toyota – 55 per cent

7. Subaru – 56 per cent

8. Porsche – 58 per cent

9. BMW – 58 per cent

10. Land Rover/ Range Rover – 61 per cent

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Models of the cars with the best sell out value after three years and 60,000km of use

1. BMW 2 Series – 64 per cent

2. BMW 4 Series – 64 per cent

3. Toyota 86 – 65 per cent

4. Honda Odyssey – 65 per cent

5. Honda Jazz – 67 per cent

6. Mercedes Benz C 63 AMG – 69 per cent

7. Nissan Navara – 71 per cent

8. Toyota LandCruiser – 73 per cent

9. Range Rover Evoque – 73 per cent

10. Audi A5 – 73 per cent

with these details, it will make it very easy for planned School holiday 2017 to select the best car. The Car is an asset and it should be selected by considering every aspect of the purchase, expense and the outcome.