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  • Car Hire in Australia

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    If you are using American terminology, then you are using the right term in Australia, renting a car or a car rental. In general, people use the term car hire, but here it is car renting.

    You can hire almost any vehicle here for road travel. So whenever you wish to have a convenience of self-drive, then you should go for hiring a car only.

    Booking a car is easy through the internet. You can get many options of car hire on the internet. It can be selection of car, payment mode, costs and many other things.

    Be prepared for finding great deals on the net, but read between the lines to see through the terms and conditions to avoid last minute issues.

    The best practice is to go through the renowned car hiring agency and rely on them for the services if you are new to Australia. The best place for learning is Terrey Hills driving school in Australia.

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    For a car waiting at the Airport

    There are certain points to be noted if you have a car waiting at the airport.

    · Ok, so you have just called for a car at the airport and going to drive by self then be alarmed that here it is left hand drive.

    · In general, if you have a car waiting at the airport, then you have to pay full rate shown online and there are no discounted rates shown online.

    You have to give credit card details in case of any extra charges incurred. Extra charges are the charge that arises out of the hiring charges. The car hire companies give you fully fuel loaded car and expect the same in return, in case you fail to do so, you have to bear that extra expense along with the extra service fee.

    The extra charge is also levied if you have done any damage to the car if you have not paid for surcharge of the full insurance cover.

    You have to pay toll taxes and if not done so or your vehicle is not equipped with automatic toll deduction unit, you have to be prepared for driving test before or after.

    Distance of travelling

    · The travelling distance is limited to 100 km radius by most car hire companies.

    Rules for driving

    · Check the conditions for travelling to beaches as well as uncarpeted roads.

    · There may be a difficulty if you wish to take car from one point and wish to drop it at another. You can avail such facility from the car hire companies having their chains.


    Your valid driving license is allowed if in English with your photograph and signature. Having an international driving licence is always an advantage and mandate if you have a current licence in another language than English.