The number plate rules are very much in favor of citizens. The choices and selection of citizens are kept in mind while designing the rules and regulations for number plates. Keeping this in mind, there is also a facility to reserve a desired number plate in NSW. You have to keep it physically on hold with a service center or motor registry department until you wish to use them. You can ask for it as and when you wish to use it. You are allowed to reserve general as well as LED Signs and special number plates.

Requirements for reserving a number plate

· For reserving a number plate, the first thing you need is a number plate in physical form itself.

· Your identity proof (motor owner)

· Present registration certificate.

· Number plate form duly filled

Procedure for Number plate reservation

There can be a chance that the number plate you wish to reserve is presently registered with your vehicle.

· In this case, you have to remove the existing number plate, which you wish to reserve from your vehicle.

Number Plate

· Apply for new general plate issue or cancel vehicle registration.

· You need to take the plate for reservation to the nearest service center.

· Produce the plate and the number plate form duly filled.

· You have to pay a reservation charge for reserving the number plate. It is for minimum 1 year. Also you can take learning training of driving lesson from sydney because it is the best learning school.

If you have ordered a number plate and after that you wish to reserve it

· In this case, you have to collect the ordered number plate and take it to the service center you wish to store it.

· Pay for 1 year reservation (minimum allowed time), produce number plate reservation form and submit it.

Eligibility for reservation of a number plate.

· The one who is the owner or registrant of the number plate can reserve the number plate.

· The plates that are on the vehicle whose registration has expired not more than 3 months ago.

· The number plate that is currently on an active vehicle

· Ordered plate, but not taken in use.

Certain plates cannot be reserved. The list is as follows

· Conditional issued plates

· Plates for trade

· Consular plates

· Damaged plates

· Federal Interstate Registration Scheme plates

· Stolen, destroyed or lost plates

· Plates on a cancelled registration vehicle

· Recalled plates

Reserving a number plate

Points to remember

· In case of reservation of plate, already existing plate and new plate both needs to be reserved. If one of them is lost, destroyed or damaged, then you have to submit the other one to service center and report to NSW police. The kingsford driving school is the best and very simple method to learning driving.

· Limit for reservation time is from 1 year minimum to 5 years maximum

· For personalized and customized plates, there is also an additional charge in the name of the annual fee while in reservation.

· Before the expiration of the number plate reservation period, a letter is sent to the owner 21 days before. If no one comes to pick it up the plate is destroyed.

Above all the points are remember for reservation of number plate.