Be alert! Accidents hurt, who do you think have not heard of this slogan? Accidents can be any, it can be related to a factory hazard, a kitchen mishap, falling from ladders or say road accident, but being alert stands true for everyone. Since we are dealing with a driving let us discuss a few points, where we should be alert and stay safe. Ermington driving school is the nice place to training for driving. What not can happen in driving accidents?

Let us have a look at accidents in the month of Jun 2016

Past 12 months 1269 (8.5 % increase)

Total road deaths 95 (3.8 % low compared to other years)

Avoid accidents

This shows that how speed and unawareness is causing such great hazards. If a life ends, in an accident, it affects an entire family and if one loses a part of the body or say heavy injury on the skull, then the person has to suffer himself. But say, if the situation is reversed. The person who is driving is either drunk or lost attention and hits someone else, then that person has to pay for the mistake that he or she has not done. So, let us practically implement, some useful driving practices to avoid an accident.

Keeping your car perfect

Yes, your vehicle should be such that it does not distract you while driving and you can pay total attention on your driving skills. Proper servicing, air in the tyre, condition of tyre tubes, changing of wheels at regular intervals, cleaning of internal parts, coolant, engine oils, roof sign and everything should be at place.

Never drink and drive

Even if you think that you are smart and can handle two or three shots of tequila, it is not at all advisable or allowed. You never know, when your body system betrays you.

Implementing a defensive driving technique

Suppose you are a very smart driver and you know all techniques of driving, but what if a person on the opposite side of the road loses control of his steering and rushes towards you. In this case, Driving Lessons is the important tips if you have learnt defensive driving technique, then you can implement it to save yourself from the hazard.

Points to avoid accidents

Speed thrills, but it kills

Suppose your tyre burst on the way, if your speed is in control then you can manage to control the car, but if you are driving at high speed then you have to forget your life. Just imagine a kid running on the road, out of a sudden and you are in too much speed. So, it is always better to keep your driving speed control.

Never install a TV screen or play loud music in your vehicle

Though it sounds very interesting and people other than the driver can enjoy a lot while driving a car. But car drivers also have some weakness and they too can fall prey to some lucrative ad or programs or so make it sure to switch off Car TV or loud music, when driving on highways.

Staying safe and keeping others safe should be a slogan of every person, who learns to drive a car. Keep driving and keep enjoying life.